Philip Pirie has over 20 years’ international management experience, during which time he became increasingly interested in what drives good individual and team performance.  He changed career fifteen years ago, retraining as an executive coach.  He has recently developed an online 360 feedback tool, DeltaFeedback (, designed as a qucik and easy to use tool for leader development.

Philip is self-employed and now works with a wide range of senior and middle managers, supporting them to achieve their performance and career goals through professional and personal development, and a focus on inter-personal behaviour.  Philip sees his role as a partner/guide/facilitator who can relate well to clients’ professional and personal environments. He works with both individuals and teams, and has developed very constructive rapport with teams whose leaders he has coached individually.

Executive coaching’s goal is to change behaviours, and these desired behaviours will often be the basis of the organisational objectives of coaching. Within this framework, there is scope and freedom for personal development, which supports sustainable behavioural change. Organisational and personal agendas are reconciled, and confidentiality maintained, by an organisational focus on measuring observable business outcomes, rather than on the way in which those outcomes are achieved. Philip sees successful coaching as clients' increased abilities to find pay-back from behavioural change.

Coaching Process
The coaching process typically has the following stages:

Stage 1: Contracting and Rapport Building
Contracting and objective setting with the client, organisation and coach
Rapport building between the client and the coach

Stage 2: Development of Behavioural Options

Client raising self-awareness and awareness of others
Client perceiving choice around repertoire of behavioural options
Client taking responsibility for choice
Client and coach using various approaches and tools to model desired behaviours

Stage 3: Implementation
Client practising desired behaviours in work-place
Client experiencing pay-back from using desired behaviours
Client and organisation experiencing improved business performance

Coaching Evaluation

Philip has carried out a research project into the critical area of coaching evaluation as part of his MSc in Organisational Psychology. This provided the basis for a coaching evaluation model, a summary of which can be accessed by clicking here

Clients may be sponsored by their organisations or seek engagement on a private basis.